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Access Statement for The Brufords Bed and Breakfast

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities


• There are 4 car parking spaces

• There is no restriction on the road outside the property

• The surface of the car park is gravel

• The car park is lit up at night

• The car park is one level, no slopes or steps


Main Entrance and Dining Area


• We can assist with bags/luggage on arrival

• Additional keys to rooms on request

• Main entrance has 2 steps into dining area and one step out into the garden which is on flat ground

• Flooring is paving slabs in the dining area




• Bedrooms are not suitable for wheelchairs

• Fire alarms have a flashing light which informs us that they are working. In case of emergency there are instructions in each room as to where to go if there is a fire

• Cordless kettles are in each room

• A fridge is in each room

• There is a microwave in each room except the twin which can be requested


Bathroom, Shower-room & WC (Ensuite)


• The Brufords No.1. SINGLE room has a step going up into the room – a step into the toilet and a step down into the shower

• The Brufords No.2. DOUBLE room has 2 steps from entrance into dining area and room. No steps in room

• The Brufords No.3. DOUBLE/BATH room has 2 steps from entrance to dining area, one step down into garden, one step up into room. No steps in room •

Grove House No.1. TWIN has 2 steps from entrance to dining area, one step down to garden and one step down to room. One step up into shower

• Grove House No.2. DOUBLE has 2 steps from entrance to dining area, one step down to garden, one step down to narrow staircase of 13 steps. No steps in room

• The Annex Ashley House has 2 steps going down into lounge and 2 steps up into snooker room. Access to bedroom from lounge up a narrow staircase of 12 steps


Grounds and Gardens


• Not suitable for visually impaired guests unless accompanied

• There are 4 seating areas

• The pathways have no handrails

• The garden is lit up at night


Additional Information


• No provision for dogs

• A non smoking establishment

• Well behaved children over the age of 10 are welcome

• Free WIFI - security pass on request

• There is a welcome pack in each room giving names and addresses of nearest doctor/hospital


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